Mission and Values

The scope of the Romanian Commodities Exchange is to offer practical solutions in a transparent, efficient and professional manner. RCE is a constantly growing institution which constantly adapts to the new, changes technologies and introduces new products in order to accommodate feedback from risk, commercial and financial management.

In accordance with Law 357/2005, concerning the advising, supervisory and control organisation of commodities exchanges, is the Executive college of the Commerce and industry room of Romania.

The Romanian commodities exchange operates as a financial investment organisation according to Law 297/2004 concerned with the Capital market, thus being authorized to operate the following investment services and activities: Capital market – SSIF BRM

RCE’s educational activity has diversified through developing our own course offer as well as developing a specialist trainer. Towards this scope, in the year 2001, RCE consultancy (RCE Business Consulting) was created- RCE educational division.


The Romanian Commodities Exchange considers its mission to be continuous innovation, developing and researching characteristics of regulated commodity and auction markets towards making available to participants efficient, transparent, righteous and relevant solutions.


Starting with our mission, we are convinced that we will become a trustworthy partner for you and that together we will constantly promote common values which encompass transparency, integrity, guarantee, efficiency and competitiveness.