Primary legislation

For commodity exchanges

Law nr. 375/2005 concerned with commodities exchanges, which establishes inception, organising and functioning of commodities exchanges. The normative act indicated notes at art.21, (5) the following: “If contracting authorities acquire products, services or contracting services through a commodities exchange, the contracting authority must respect the legislations’ terms concerned with public acquisitions when they apply this procedure. Also, as a standardized market, RCE makes available to its clients and members the Retail market. The governing of this market is represented by Law 357/2005 concerned with commodities exchanges, and states in article 1 (4) letter a) “Commodities exchanges, formed within this law, administers markets of public interest and ensures members and clients centralised negotiation conditions for buying and selling visible or to a date fungible products.


Law nr 126/2018 concerned with markets operating financial instruments

Law nr 24/2017 concerned with launchers of financial instruments and market operation.

Secondary legislation

For wholesale Natural gas markets

  • Law nr. 123/2012, Electrical energy and natural gas law=
  • RERA order nr. 69/11.09.2013 for approval of regulated tarrifs practiced by the licensed operator of the centralizard gas marker operator within the natural gas sector
  • RERA order nr.. 66/2014 for modifying the general rules concerned with the centralized natural gas market
  • RERA order nr. 67/2014 for modifying and completing the rules concerned with the organized trading rules of the centralized natural gas market administered by the Romanian Commodities Exchange

For the RETAIL Market

For public and sectorial acquisitions


  • Law 98/2016 concerning public acquisitions, art 104, (5), letter c
  • Governments decision nr. 395/2016 for the approval of methodical norms of application of the rules with respect to the attribution of a public acquisition contract from Law nr. 98/2016 concerning public acquisitions.
  • Law 99/2016 concerning sectorial acquisitions, art 117 (1) letter. g)
  • Government decision nr. 394/2016 for the approval of methodical norms of application with respect to the attribution of a sectorial acquisition/contract from Law 99/2016

For the cereal market – deposit certificate trading:

Law nr.101/2014 concerned with the reglementation measures of consumer seed depositing and the deposit certificates for them

For the auction market

For state owned goods:

Government order nr. 14/2017: for the regulation of the mode and conditions of evaluating goods which according to the law, are privately owned by the state.

For the capital market

  • ASF rule nr 1/2019 concerned with the evaluation and approval of members in executive positions and key positions within entities regulated by the Financial supervision authority.

Legal aspects

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