Capital Market

The ROMANIAN COMMODITIES EXCHANGE also operates as a financial investment organisation according to Law 297/2004 concerned with the Capital market; being authorized to conduct the following services and financial investment activities;

  • Receiving and transmitting orders concerned with one or more financial instruments
  • Executing orders on behalf of clients
  • Trading by yourself
  • Portfolio management
  • Investment consultancy
  • Subscription of financial instruments and/or placement of financial instruments based on a firm commitment;
  • Placement of financial instruments without a firm commitment
  • Administering an alternative trading system

Related services: 

  • Safe keeping and administering financial instruments within the clients account, including custody and services related to this, such as fund and guarantee administration;
  • Credit and guarantee granting to an investor in order to allow him to conduct transactions with one or more financial instruments, if the organisation granting the loan is implicated in the transaction;
  • Consultancy granted to entities regarding capital structure, industrial strategy and the resulting aspects of these, as well as consultancy and services related to mergers and entity acquisition.
  • Currency exchange related to the practiced  investment services
  • Research and financial analysis or other general recommendations which refer to financial instruments;
  • Services related to the subscription based on a firm commitment

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