The advantages of trading through RCE are conferred by the internal values of the organization:


All information regarding RCE's markets is public.


Righteousness, balance and respecting ethical norms assumed through internal regulation.


A constant increase in efficiency through flexibility and adapting to the needs of participating members


Improving the benefit-cost ratio, specific services as well as constant innovation of exchange products.


Operation of bilateral guaranteeing services,mutual guarantee mechanisms and clearing functions.

About RCE’s capabilities

RCE addresses both private as well as publicly owned organizations, owning a portfolio with over 1500 clients and concluding transactions worth 270 million euros during the year 2013.

In accordance with EU legislation regarding public acquisitions implemented in Romania, contracting authorities can acquire fungible products within RCE’s trading rings. Starting with the year 2010, contracting authorities are bound to trade 40% of their total acquisition’s value electronically. Trading on RCE’s Retail market supports contracting authorities towards reaching their electronic acquisition quota.

Territorial coverage

Another important advantage is represented by the fact that exchange services are available at our central headquarters as well as our territorial working points-exchange terminals, as follows: Galati, Constanta, Iasi, Cluj, Piatra Neamt, Craiova, Brasov, Oradea, Timisoara, Targu Mures, Giurgiu, Muntenia, Bacau, Arad,  Tulcea, Alba, Bihor, Botosani, Salaj, Satu-mare, Sibiu.

In the year 2013, RCE has been accredited to publish articles in the EU official journal, thus ensuring maximum transparency and competition for its clients.

The main advantages of using the Retail market:

  • Electronic and live auction price negotiation
  • Transparency and competitivity
  • Quotes and reference prices made available to clients by RCE
  • A large number of existing market participants
  • Contract execution performed under good conditions due to the implemented guarantee system
  • Electronic invoicing and direct debiting
  • A reduced procedure time frame- the order is scheduled for trade in maximum 7 days from publication

Advantages of trading on the auction market:

  • Specialisation
  • RCE consultancy for contracting authorities
  • Externalising acquisition services for private companies, publicly owned companies and municipalities as well as local administrations.